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We have the two types A or B. the choice is yours!  A) private room  B) shared roomA) You will be greeted by a large room furnished with a double bed typically VenetianB) There is a shared room with sofa and mini bar and TV dedicated to all the rooms and two identical services of car interior with fence, free web / wifi superspeed20 mega bandwidth requirements for work cumunicative super connected etc.. you will be surprised by how services are quick access to everything! here’s a great example;connection to public transportation as transportation to Venice super express from when you leave the door of the room in ”15 Minutes’ ‘you get to Venice which is only 7-km, 5! The collegameno with bus stop is only MT50 frequency bus rides up to 15 minutes and ran h 24 the ticket is only € 1.2 ask other information about it is important to remember. |°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|
We have two types the -A- and -B-. the choice is yours! A) private room B) a shared room A) You will be greeted by a large room furnished with a double bed typically Venetian B) There is a shared room with car parking with fence, free web / wifi superspeed20 mega bandwidth needs for super connected as the connection of public transport services transport to Venice super express !! You calculate when you leave the door of the room in ”15 Minutes’ ‘you get to Venice which is only 7.5 km-!! The time, connects with the bus stop is only 100-150 meters. The frequency of bus rides up to 15 minutes and ran h 24 ticket is only € 1.2 ask other information about it is important to remember.
–ç\\ C I A O 0 o ° . ///////////ç-h24 real! we have agreements with artisans friends glaziers and many restaurateurs and itineraries to recommend excursions to the islands and lagoon with boats typical of the place and people you trust to accompany you and tell you how to experience the thrill of a ride in a gondola lowcost true for a real Venice not the usual tourist abandoned at meal captors scam sellers who can not even speak Italian let alone if they know the area well as we advise you to pROPERLY and any excursions outside provicia ask for information from our house can be reached by public transportation fantastic places like the dolomites a example, we will put you in the hundreds of tips to eat and drink prosecco at moderate prices as if you belonged to the territory|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|Il Quartiere ——MARGHERA CITTA’ GIARDINO—– ********* the Area:-)*********——MARGHERA THE CITY ‘GARDEN—–The writing was on purpose by the holder of the architects in the reign of the early twentieth century urban plan 900 ‘MARGHERA the name was coined by the Venetians after the reclamation of the first 800 and means’ sea wax ‘in dialect pronounce Tues GHE ‘ERA has a lot of green and large tree-lined streets and all the amenities a short radius of a modern city h / 24 very safe by the thugs of every tipologgia we have a police station 50 meters away and another always forces the Guaria order to finance the many trendy bars for tutt tastes pubs, restaurants with excellent fish, many pizzerias, nightclubs, music clubs for every taste around the perimeter of the radius of 150 meters !! .-I- P/S -I-°Please do not forget laundromat around the corner SX 30 meters, we provide detergent. the rope to dry in the garden;-) and save $ clean !!Un giro nei dintorniServices by public transport to all the sights and quickly, as economic bus to go to PDOVA-(Padua) to the bus stop is 20 meters. La Dotta Padova-30 to km far only! by public bus you will see the famous ‘Riviera del Brenta’ of great historical and cultural interest, with the Palladian villas of the ancient families of the Venetian merchants ‘Patrizzi’ and how many ‘Doges of Serennissina’ that dwarfs the most beautiful villas American and whatever, surely exceeding the standards of beauty beyond your expectations. The beautiful Padua and visit the beautiful ‘Basilica of the Saint’ The Saint Anthony, and personally I think that is one of the best patrons in the circle of the holy Roman church, and maybe ask him a favor by writing it in the book affixed to the entrance of the basilica and the Sant.Antonio the can begin.We record over the of the connection with greater frequency in Venice this is certified by the municipal transport company, the bus stop in front of the house pretty much just 100 | 150 meters, and with the train station close by just 350 meters it is also easy to visit in a jump the city ‘of Treviso, the wealthy capital of the ‘Marca’in essence you always and moving of only 30 Km! economically comfortably and quickly from one city center to another city 1000 ‘Triveneto you expect a little more’ than a couple of half hour there are the magnificent city; Verona Vicenza millennial city and neighboring REGIONS example are: Trieste, Udine, Byzantine Ravenna, Bologna, the Teutonic Bolzano, etc.. a huge list of dream places !! will direct you where you want to go with an outline of where to eat and what important not to get fleeced as happens with normal tourists always ask for help without fear guide you easily add in your stay here, and you’ll also enjoy the anti-fraud protection type without risks as with buying souvenirs but fake and paid dearly !! We have the knowledge to the entire territory of the North-East, as well as direct access to the factories of various kinds such as: technical apparel and non-furnaces of Murano glass, with the shops that buy directly as an internal wholesaler ojects original made ​​no in china, and passed off as the Venetians, and after not to mention where to eat also romantically where we go we Venetians still resist typical places once cheap certainly do not find them with the michelin Guide & Associates.
Altre Cose da Evidenziare
More Things to Highlight One of these is your arrival you have the bed ready with linens towels smelling good cafè byITA, or if you prefer a non-alcoholic drink of tea and or cool, to get to know this and give you a friendly WELCOME! and after as well as connect to WIFI H 24 and relax, remember if you arrive by car or motorcycle to take advantage of reserved parking in private courtyard and fenced with electric gate and also the possibility to make use of the bicycle and the rest cascho corner smoking rooms in courtyard, which in practice you go out the front door to smoke! ! Thank you.
Regole della casa
A noi basta solo che fumate fuori!! esterno dalla stanza e dalla casa in cortile che abitando a pian terreno è praticico e lo facevo io quando fumavo si fuma fuori all’aria aperta in uno spazio atrezzato grazie!! e che si usi con criterio i servizi igenici dalla doccia rapida al disbrigo di liberare velocemente la postazione grazie anticipatamente e gli orari che viene servita la colazione comunque un piatto di pasta fumante è facile che caschi sempre orario pasti per conoscerci meglio



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